Sara Kelly PRSAK PR is a food, entertainment, lifestyle, health and fitness public relations and management firm that is “Slightly Obsessed with Success.”

SAK PR’s motto is a simple one: TRUST YOUR GUT. Intuition plays a strong part in the framework of every public relations campaign we create. Founded on this premise, SAK PR assists clients as an independent, passionately driven public relations and management firm focused on involved business owners and their needs.

Success is bred in a partnership between a public relations firm and involved business owners interested in doing what it takes to stand out and get ahead. Our clients understand that there is a certain amount of teamwork needed to produce the most results, and are keen to constructively and creatively aiding in the process.

Boundless creativity and unconventional planning frame our conception process, gearing campaigns and plans towards steady growth and momentum. You’ve heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” SAK PR believes in building a presence from the ground up, creating a strong foundation over time. Spreading the word as timely and honestly as possible about the clients they are ‘Slightly Obsessed’ with generates a lasting buzz. Long-term strategic planning utilizes that foundation to create supported increases in coverage, exposure and notoriety.

Selective in the companies and clients that are chosen for representation, SAK PR firmly believes in a good fit. Our services are concentrated into a format most suitable in working with smaller-sized companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, start-ups and artists.