Here at SAK PR, we hold these truths to be self-evident.

The truth hurts whether you have to hear it or say it.

Honest communication makes the PR world go ’round. SAK PR will tell it like it is and let you know what we believe to be truthful and in your company’s best interest..

Slow and steady wins the race.

Our work is authentic, focused and consistent. By paying attention to details, SAK PR propels their clients into the public eye while building curiosity and fervor, with pure and sheer audience obsession as the end-goal.

Being yourself is a luxury.

As a brand, being compliant and status-quo will get you no where! A hunger for authenticity guides consumers in every age-bracket and aspect of life. Questions of authenticity determine their desire for services and business. It pays to be yourself. 

Carefully calculated brand cohesion creates public obsession.

Every successful brand worthy of obsession has a message. That message must be driven home to your consumers and audience in both appearance and substance.

Preparation is the smartest investment.

By taking every possible outcome into consideration during the initial strategic planning phase, SAK PR will act confidently and decisively on your behalf in situations of unexpected unrest . Using the consciously constructed playbook tailored to your individual needs, we will work you through any PR crisis.

Trust Your Gut.

‘Nuff said. Intuition is always a part of the equation at SAK PR. Immediate cognition pushes the direction of the project organically.